Osso Good Bone Broth in National Parks

Osso Good in Olympic National Park

Teaching how to build a fire

Last year I became a Wilderness First Responder. I was lucky enough to do my 10 days of training at Storm King in the Olympic National Park. Considering this area gets some of the most rainfall in all of North America it is an electric green area with a wealth of outdoor adventures to enjoy.

This week I was able to spend 4 days in the park just south of Forks (where Twilight was based off of) with exceptional friends from Chicago. My friend Matt is an honorary member of the Osso Good Bone Broth family. He has had some health issues and has found our superfood to be a necessary staple in his diet. He will speak to the unique bone broth benefits he experiences in a later post.


Hoh Rain Forest

We could’ve spent weeks in the area, but with 4 days we got to do quite a bit.  We stayed on a river bank and taught our kids how to build fires, chop wood, and appreciate the outdoors. Together we hiked through Hoh rain forest and since most of our time is devoted to getting everything ready for our families to get out the door we just take a full heated pouch of Osso Good Signature broth with us in our Yetis. All my nutritional needs are taken care for the enter hike. I love that bone broth is such an easy energy source. Accordingly, I never miss the small moments like seeing our kids trying to be quite after spotting a deer. There is really nothing better than experiencing the beauty of the outdoors with family & friends.